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To get to know us we decided answer a few questions about ourselves.
Q: Where are we from?
A: Zach is originally from Minnesota. He relocated to Texas in the fall of 2005. That's where he met Stacy. Stacy is from Duncanville, Texas. She loves her Texas roots.
Q: Why do we do what we do?
A: We love to capture moments in life that describe a whole event. A picture can speak more than 1000 words. Another big drive for us, is to use photography to help bring awareness to a cause or need. We want to reach people through photography.
Q: What is the most embarrassing picture ever taken of you?
A: Zach - Probably a picture of me sleeping in van on a trip to somewhere.
A: Stacy - Most pictures from highschool are embarrassing!
Q: What has been the most important event of your life so far that was caught on picture or film?
A: By far, we both agree, our wedding is the most important day that is caught on picture or film. Also we loved having a photographer in the room to capture the birth of our son. I personally enjoy capturing him growing up through all the stages. 
Q: As a photographer what would you say your style is?
A: We think each situation requires its own style. As a photographer you have a few things that make you unique but it is mostly up to the situation to influence how the picutures look. We like candid shots, and a photojournalistic approach during events.
Q: What is your favorite soda?
A: Zach- Mountain Dew & Coffee!!!
A: Stacy- Diet Dr. Pepper!!!















Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little more. 


Zach & Stacy : ZS Photo Video

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